Micro-fossils (Phytoliths) are silica skeletons of cells that allow the identification of plants from a 1000 years ago and provide vital information about our history.
These were transformed into light projections, festive decorations, posters and performances. They were magnified thousands of times to create 3-d printed sculptures and laser cut neon perspex shapes, with which, using Over Head projectors, audiences could remix these shapes and colours onto the walls of DIG. Being 747 performed their live 'Amoeba to Zebra' set and York St John University's Converge presented a soundscape entitled 'Back to the Roots'.
"Really inclusive, friendly atmosphere, lovely time."
"I like the relaxed atmosphere and easy interactions with strangers at these events."
York Archaeological Trust | AOC Archaeology Group

Lumen | Aidan Lucas | Bicis y Mas | Hayley McParland
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