Barrow-in-Furness based Octopus Collective brought their Bread Board Orchestra to St Helen's Square where passersby were encouraged to play strung breadboards and create thunderous sounds with a coffee grinder attached to a contact microphone.
"We stumbled across this amazing event whilst looking for food and could not be happier. Friendliest people I've ever met. Thank you for enlightening us and making our break to York memorable."
The roaming troupe, A Firm of Poets enticed the audience down Stonegate with food themed poems. The trail went past the Printer's Devil into Coffee Yard and Barley Hall where, after a taster from York Coffee Emporium, brain waves were tracked by The Frozen Music Collective.
Audience's cerebral data was translated into sound through a coffee-filled speaker. This featured in a large-scale projection that visualised the audience's caffeinated thoughts.
York Archaeological Trust | York Food & Drink Festival

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